Dear Rockstar,

Pssst — I have a special invitation for you today.

Dear Rockstar,

Pssst — I have a special invitation for you today.

If you’re reading this you’ve likely done some self development work before (maybe even with me!), and you’re aware of your holding patterns and the spots you keep getting stuck on. Even though you’ve done tons of personal growth work, you know there’s an even more brilliant version of yourself that’s ready to come through.

You feel GOOD, but you know you need a little more time and support to reach that ultimate version of yourself and have the tools to stay there for more than a few weeks or months. You’re rocking it in your life, but you know you need deeper, consistent support to keep buzzing along and feeling awesome.

You have those moments when you fall back into your old self and get frustrated, and you know that wouldn’t happen if you had rock-solid, consistent support.

You’re ready to raise your vibe even higher and get hooked up with women who are ROCKING their lives on all levels – your Rockstar Collective.

Perhaps you’ve even gotten the whole food thing down, and are now feeling like you want to go into health & wellness as a career. If so, I’ve been doing this work successfully for nearly a decade, and in this exclusive program I’ll be sharing all my entrepreneurial boss lady secrets.

If your intuition is saying YES to this, I’ve created a weekly intensive coaching collective that’ll give you expert food and body support, life and career advice, and ongoing mentorship…

The Rockstar Collective

If you’ve seen great results working with me but you feel like you’re not quite done yet, this is for you. The Rockstar Collective will support you to get…

  • a body you absolutely LOVE dressing every morning
  • a killer career that leaves you excited to wake up in the morning, and sometimes even
    energized at the end of the day!
  • deep relationships where you have fun together – like real, ROFL fun – and can discuss
    the sh*t that really matters instead of just going through the motions

Here’s the truth: It’s one thing to do a program and feel GREAT, which is where you’re at right now, if I had to guess – and that’s AWESOME, amazing work, BUT, becoming your ultimate self and staying there takes time, commitment, and ongoing support.

To get there, we all need weekly – or even daily – mind-body upgrades.

Since I know this to be true through my own experience, I’ve created the Rockstar Collective, a secret club of in-the-know women who are too smart to fall for 30-day cleanses and gimmicky “life advice” that doesn’t work in the long term.


The Rockstar Collective is a coaching community where we’ll meet LIVE via video conference every. Single. Week.

It’s that simple!

{oh and there’s full weekend retreat in NYC just for extra fun}

The Rockstar Collective

is right for you if you…

  • know that weekly support is exactly what you need
  • want additional accountability and support to dive deep and make significant, long lasting changes
  • have coached with me previously, either one-on-one, in Thin From Within, or in Your Healthiest You
  • are down to dive deep and truly master your body, mind, career, and life
  • crave a community of women who get you
  • you feel great, but you sometimes struggle to maintain that feeling, and you know there’s another level you can reach
  • are ready to be a part of my closest power posse yet
  • are jumping out of your seat as I mention right now that there will be a full immersion retreat weekend during your experience!!

Rockstar Collective will meet weekly for a blend of expert wellness, food and cooking advice, kickass life and business coaching, and mind-body reboots that make you feel like a new person.

Rockstar Collective is your members-only adult playground. Inside, you’ll find your people – the ones you can have those deep conversations with that leave you feeling filled up.

It’s where you’ll feel warm and safe, while also inspired to take action steps every day to reach your next level.

The best part?

With weekly live calls, you’ll be completely confident in your ability to follow through.

Accountability will be a no-brainer.

Rockstar Collective will make your personal growth journey feel fun, and you’ll start seeing rapid results in your life if you show up each week.

You’ll uncover the honest truth about what’s holding you back, what can be peeled away, and exactly where you can take action each week.

Since having my little girl Navy, I’ve gained so much perspective on what’s most important, become even more efficient with my time and focus and I’m able to cast my coaching net so much wider.

I have the ability to throw out the BS and zoom out on what really matters, rather than getting stuck in the details.

What’s in my bio is true – I’m continuously exploring, researching, and experimenting with the newest body, mind, life and business tools that become available every month, week, and day. It’s a lot to keep up with, but it’s what I LOVE.

Because I’m obsessed with all things wellness and lifestyle optimization, the people who are coaching with me right now are getting it – their lives are seriously clicking into place.

Be the woman who’s getting all the latest information and upgrades in real time, before anyone else.

All the high-level trainings and certifications I’ve completed since my original IIN health coach training will be incorporated into Rockstar Collective plus…

  • Universal Health Principles (UHP)
  • Spirit Junkie Master Class Levels 1 & 2, plus, I’m one of the coaches Gabby Bernstein has on speed dial for both herself and her community
  • Josh Gitalis’ Gut Health Course
  • Kripalu’s Nutrition Intensive for Wellness Professionals
  • Marie Forleo’s B-School
  • IIN Advanced Business Course (in addition to studying at IIN for 2 years after I graduated from their health coach training program, I’m now a featured expert, speaker and teacher for IIN)
  • Derek Halpern’s Yes Engines
  • Hilary Rushford’s Instagram with Intention
  • And more…

Most importantly, I’ve stepped into my next level of teaching and coaching as a practitioner of life.

Since having my daughter and investing in my own development in a big way, I’ve up-leveled both how I work and how I LIVE.

I want this for you too. I want you to feel like you have the support and the space you need to consistently upgrade your body and life – and maintain those shifts.

In Rockstar Collective, you’ll get get continual support in the following areas…


As usual with me, you’ll get the latest on the foods and supplements you should be focusing on now for your body.


You’ll learn to truly let go of toxic self-sabotaging patterns and step into your dream body with total ease.


Optimizing your every day will become second nature, and your happiness will skyrocket; you’ll become more connected with your intuition than ever and rarely second guess your decisions.


If you’ve been wanting to start your own business, switch jobs, or simply get a promotion, I’ll be supporting you with the latest information available based on my experience with career transitions and entrepreneurial training.

In Rockstar Collective you’ll get a game-changing mix of inspiration, information, and booty-kicking.

This is ALL live,
and it’s the only way to get
access to all of my teachings.

This is ALL live,
and it’s the only way to get
access to all of my teachings.

What you’ll get:

If you’re a YES to Rockstar Collective, here’s exactly what the program will look like…


  • A 4- week intro program led by me where you’ll learn the Rockstar Fundamentals and get to know the other women who are starting in your group
  • Weekly LIVE hour-long group coaching calls with Robyn plus a mix expert guest coaches, and including your monthly mentorship group
  • Monthly small-group coaching call with a mentor picked specifically for you so you can build deeper relationships within the collective and get more support. Think: wellness mastermind!
  • 1-on-1 hot seat time, including individual coaching and/or Universal Health Principles session (UHP) at least once during the program
  • In-person Rockstar Weekend Retreat where we’ll share lots of laughs, a few tears, and build life-long friendships. Oh, and there will definitely be a dance party if I have any say in it 😉 (we offer virtual option, too, but you’ll want to be there)
  • Support from your fellow ladies through our private Facebook group
  • Expert guest coaches covering everything from sex to manifesting to branding. Past guests have included multiple New Your Times best selling author, Diane Sanfilipo, global brand strategist for Blair Badenhop, meditation expert and Ziva Technique creator, Emily Fletcher, and many more!


Here’s a sneak peek of our weekly calls…

We’re currently closed for registration, but will be back in 2020.

Click here to sign up for the Rockstar Coaching Collective waitlist and be the first to know when we open the doors!



Click here to sign up for the Rockstar Coaching Collective waitlist and be the first to know when we open the doors!


left to apply

Meet your fellow Rockstars

“This program is amazing and is truly the work Robyn is called to do – she’s showing up bigger and brighter than I’ve seen before, and it’s an inspiration to be connected with that each week. I would recommend it to anyone.”

– Kalee

“Working with Robyn and Emily over the past year has been amazing. When I started, I hadn’t even dipped my toe in the spiritual/emotional world. I was still stuck in a cycle of dieting for 30 days at a time, and the concept of self love was foreign to me. It’s actually mind-blowing how far I’ve come since then. Thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new reality – a reality in where I CAN have a job I love, a body I appreciate and a more positive outlook on life.”

– Greta

“This program jump-started a series of both subtle and obvious shifts that allowed me to truly trust my body and release the obsession about the outcome of my weight. And guess what? The weight is now melting off! I feel lighter in body, heart, mind and soul, and feel more free and more in my body that I’ve ever felt before.”

– Sarah

“This group is the perfect unicorn of coaching programs.”

– Kelly Ann

“I’m thankful that this program and this community have taught me that I can be stronger in every way (physically, mentally and spiritually) at 40 than ever before.”

– Kim

Let me ask you this, how will you feel if you don’t join the Rockstar Collective?


If the answer is anything less than awesome, get in here!

How much more confident and comfortable would you be hanging with a group of Rockstars every week, getting the support you need to stay sparkly every day?

This community will get you like no one else, and as cheesy as it sounds, truly fuel you.
Life is awesome, and you’re awesome. Let’s freaking do this together.

love, Robyn

Have a specific question on the program not answered here?

Email and we’ll be in touch!

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